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Our wholesale routes are nothing but outstanding voice quality. VoIP quality is the number one priority behind price for our routes. All of our carrier partners provide routes with the up most redundancy to ensure your calls complete. Our VoIP network allows for some of the most aggressive pricing in the industry. We deliver fantastic service that allows you to focus on the real tasks at hand. Fill out our form to the right to get started with a no commitment free test account.

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  Create A Dialer Route Domestic Dialer Competition International Dialer Competition
Average Price $0.0055 $0.009 $0.005
False Answer <1% Maybe Yes
Short Duration Yes Yes
Long Duration Yes Yes No
Free Testing Yes No No
Maximum Channels 30,000+ 2,500 1,000
Calls Per Second 2,000+ 180 90

What other users, are saying about us?

"HAHA, Our Vici has never run so smoothly. Thanks for the help!"

Richard, Laguna Beach, CA

"Compression matched up for our call center allowing us to use 1000 channels and 90 calls per second in the Philippines."

Rofaldo, Manila, PH

"Great quality, easy setup. 3,500 lines for our dialer and the 1 hour setup was great when our carrier went down."

Steve, Boca Raton, FL

"We were spending $800\day for our dialer costs now it is about $650."

Alan, Minneapolis, MN

"Real easy and to the point and able to beat my old rates instantly."

Greg, Toronto, CA

8 Ways our routes can save you money over your current VoIP provider.

We Bring The VoIP:

  • High Calls Per Second
  • Full USA and Canadian Dial Plans
  • No False Answer
  • Wholesale Rates
  • Unlimited Ports
  • Self Service Platform
  • Highest Industry Answer Rates
  • 10 Decimal Billing

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