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we offer free testing accounts!

How does it work?

#1 Select the rate deck that best suites your company.

Download a rate deck

When you complete step 2 make sure you mention which deck you are signing up for. For customers without an LCR (Least Cost Routing) system we can also set flat rates.

USA\Canada Route Wholesale Dialer Deck #1, Dialer Deck #2

Premium USA\Canada Route For Call Centers Premium Dialer #1

A-Z International Route AZ Dialer #1

#2 Sign up for an account.

Signup and create your own dialer route

In order to get started fill out our contact page so a technician can build your account. This takes up to 24 hours and during business typically in an hour or less. You will then receive an email with your login information once your account is ready for testing. Make sure you read step 2 also so you can mention which rate deck you will be signing up for. Sign Up Here

#3 Utilize your free test and make sure everything is clicking properly.


After you have received an email that your account has been activated at this time you can start testing with the information you received. If you need any help with configuration we do offer limited support for the common voice applications. Just reply to your support email to setup a time for assistance.

#4 Start sending your calls and tell us how much money you save!.


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