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Do you offer failover as an option?

Short answer is Yes. Long answer is we typically only provide this to conversational or mission critial applications and rarely set this up for dialer customers. If you have an application where you think you will still need failover. Complete the standard signup process and mention this in your notes.

Are there any port or CPS limitations?

Short answer is No. Long answer is technical limitations, traffic type and calling patterns, and many other factors can come into play here. We create all accounts on a 10:1 ratio. So for example if you have 10,000 ports with us you will have 1,000 CPS. But at the same time if you are calling into 1 area code or even just 1 state you may not have access to 10,000 ports\1,000 cps just due to local area limitations.

Does this work with Asterisk\Vicidial?

Yes. We work with most major platforms without any special configuration.

I don't have an LCR but I would still like to use the deck rates.

This is not a problem at all as we provide a rate cap on our rate decks as well. So for example you need an average rate of $0.0055 you can set your rate cap at $0.011 and you should be right around an average rate of $0.0055 and you can tweak as needed.

Do you work with Agents or Resellers?

Of course love working with agents and resellers. Submit your information on the contact form as a partner and someone will reach out to you.

What about long duration conversational traffic?

We have extremely aggressive conversational rates USA/CAN Conversational